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Most Useful Desktop Wallpaper

May 20, 2012 Posted by Skai

Whether you are using Windows or Macintosh, you will probably need a wallpaper to give some feel to your boring desktop.

Some people will prefer just any high resolution wallpaper that looks cute or stylish, some will use their favourite cartoon character or celebrity pictures. Besides making the desktop looks cool or nice, most people do not know that desktop wallpaper can be used to help us to increase productivity.

Yes, we are referring to Smart Tuition’s desktop wallpaper backgrounds for the additional aid you will receive to keep your desktop organised with the folders’ and files’ icons properly aligned.

Desktop Wallpaper Organiser

Desktop Wallpaper Organiser

It comes in three colour themes now – blue, pink and monochrome.

The desktop wallpaper organiser works like partition to separate different types of icons on your desktop. For example, downloaded files will be placed on the extreme left column. You have your working files on the other column while reference files and system default icons on the other two columns.

Keeping your desktop clean and neat is one way you can help to increase your productivity. Instead of leaving all your files all over your desktop and having to overlook file that should be cleared, start downloading the free desktop wallpaper now!