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Singapore Web Hosting Server

November 15, 2011 Posted by Skai

If your website’s target audiences are from Singapore, you should probably get a Singapore server instead of a foreign one. Similarly, if you are targeting audience from a certain region, you should get a web server that is located nearby.


1. Speed

Pinging Singapore and Canada Web Servers

Pinging Singapore and Canada Web Servers from Singapore. The Singapore web server requires only 3ms compared to 259ms from the Canada server.

I did a test from Singapore by pinging two different servers located in both Singapore and Canada to see how long it will take to send data to and back.

The Singapore web server took 3 milliseconds while the Canada web server took 259 milliseconds.

Obviously the Singapore web server is faster since my current location is in Singapore – the traveling distance is much shorter.

The unit, millisecond, may be less than a second, which some people think is insignificant, but the difference between 3 and 259 milliseconds can be quite big. It will definitely make navigation around your website and uploading new files faster.

Imagine you are loading a webpage, your browser will send HTTP request to the web server before it processes data in HTML format to send you back. On every webpage, there are also other files such as images and JavaScript, which will require more requests. Of course, I would not say the server speed for the Singapore server is definitely faster but the difference in time required for the data to travel due to distance is obvious.

I have personally experienced using the two servers (Canada and Singapore) and I’m very amazed with the local server because of its speed.


2. Customer Service

Singapore is known to be a business hub where talents gather. Customer service satisfaction level is high in most businesses located in Singapore.

I have tried a few web hosting companies from other countries and the last one is based in Canada. All of them have very poor customer service. When I submit a ticket for major issue caused by the web hosting company, they can take half a day to get back to me. Whereas for minor issue, they may fix it a few days later and do not even bother to inform me. Overall, the customer service is really bad.

The most important thing about your website is the up-time (availability) and if the web hosting company does not resolve its server issue quick, you may lose many potential customers or visitors and the damage to business image is worse.

My current webhost is a company called Vodien, which is a Singapore company. The staffs have so far impressed me with their quickness and politeness. The super support team responses to my requests and enquiries within half an hour each time, and I almost have a culture shock.


3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are many factors for your website to be ranked well by Google. If you are targeting visitors from a country, you should get a local server in the country. Google bot will find your website a better result if your server is located at the same country. Do note that Google websites from different countries will rank different websites differently. If your website is targeting Singaporeans, will rank your website better if your server is from a Singapore webhost.


4. Price

Apart from price, there is nothing that should stop you from getting a Singapore web hosting. You can get really good and cheap web hosting from other countries are most Singapore web hosting companies charge quite high price. But, hey! It is a good investment after all.



I have visited many Singapore web hosting sites and after browsing through their price lists, I’m really disappointed with them. Most of the Singapore web hosting companies are very stingy with the features such as number of SQL databases, web space, bandwidth limits… etc. They are already charging higher than foreign web hosts and I do expect some complete list of common features.

Eventually, I come across Vodien and I’m very sure their web hosting plans are some of the most reasonable ones you can find in Singapore. The most basic plan, enough for a SME to use, cost only SGD $8 per month.

Some of their clients are NUS, NTU, Singtel, CPF board, People’s Association, Courts, NCS, Knight Frank, IDA, Ministry of Health… etc. Even the government statutory boards trust their services!?

What are you waiting for? Try them.


One Way Quality Backlinks Through Article Marketing

October 31, 2011 Posted by Skai

For any website owner, you want to cut down on cost for offline marketing in order to maximum profit. It is a good way to switch over to internet marketing instead. After all, the number of people going online shopping is increasing rapidly.

The most cost-efficient method of internet marketing is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. That means you can get your pages at the top searches when people use Google or Yahoo. This will greatly increase your site’s chance of being clicked.

There are various tactics to get your site rank well in the search engines and the algorithm for every search engine is forever changing. One of the greatest factors that does not change is backlink – other websites linking to your website. Logically thinking, if people link to your website, that means your website is being recognized by them, isn’t it?

But, how do you get other websites to link to yours? You humbly message them for one-to-one link exchange, or you even try 3-ways linking? You can even pay for them to link to you. You probably have to pay someone or a professional links exchange company to do the aliasing job for you, given that it will take you too much time to work on it yourself.

How about you want your new pages to be indexed by Google quick? Few people would want to link to new pages.

When I first started to figure out about backlinking, I was wondering how could I get so many websites to link to mine. My mentor changed my entire life by introducing Article Syndication Networks (Article Submission Network). You submit articles for other website owners who need contents and they will link to you as accordingly to what you want, and they will not even care about your page PR.

Myarticlenetwork is one of the most efficient Article Syndication Networks for backlinks. It has a good interface and, moreover, it works.

MyArticleNetwork testimonial

MyArticleNetwork testimonial

It has a large number of high PR blogs ready to host the articles that you post, which contains your website’s links. You just need to submit an article of minimum 300 words and you can include up to 3 of your links inside, with your desire anchor text.

That means for every article you post inside Myarticlenetwork, there are many high PR blogs linking back to 3 of your websites or pages. Note that it is also one-way linking back to your pages, which is much more efficient.

Many internet marketers have proven that by using Myarticlenetwork they can rank high on many search engines and even on the first page of Google.

I have tried other article networks and they have proven to me that “My Article Network” is better.