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Online Flash SWF Decompiler Decoder

June 6, 2014 Posted by Skai

* By decoding or decompiling a Flash (SWF) file, you should not be stealing any code.

I was looking for something to view the source code of a flash file when I came across the website It was pretty cool that no software was required to be installed; everything was web based.

The reason for trying to “rip” the source code of the flash file was solely for legal purpose. My client had a website that used flash as her banner. Since she was not experienced in web stuff, she faced problems after trying to switch her webhost.

When she wanted me to help her to update her website, I could not log into her old webhost. She told me she had switched webhost but I checked and realised her domain name was still pointing to the old server while her new webspace was empty. Fortunately, somehow her old webhost was still hosting her files, which was probably the reason why she thought she had already migrated her files successfully when she “changed webhosts”. Most of all, her entire website was running on client-side programming and thus, I could download the entire website page by page.

Eventually, the greatest problem I faced was that the flash banner did not run properly. I tried googling for tools to try to open the SWF file and found “Show My Code”. It helped me to “open” (decompile) the file and I finally realised the file was linked to another text file. By typing the full URL of the text file, I could retrieve it and thus fix up the entire website for my client.

Of course, I had to upload the entire website to her new webhost and point the domain to the new name servers.