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Most Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

October 30, 2011 Posted by Skai

The two main input devices of computer are keyboard and mouse; both devices have their own advantages. Whenever I feel lazy, I would use the mouse to do practically everything that does not require typing. However, whenever I’m rushing work, I would maximize the use of the keyboard. The combination of both keyboard and mouse are essential at times.

There are some restrictions to the use of mouse. Moving the mouse to the correct position takes time, so does adjusting of the cursor to the exact position.

For example, to do a simple copy and paste, you have to right click, scroll to the “copy” function and click it, before you do the same thing for the “paste” command. Whereas, if you are using keyboard, you can simply use “ctrl + c” to copy and “ctrl + v” to paste, which is much faster.

ctrl + c Copy
ctrl + v Paste
ctrl + s Save
ctrl + z Undo
alt + tab switch windows on taskbar
alt + shift + tab switch windows on taskbar from right to left
ctrl + r refresh page/folder
ctrl + tab switch tabs
ctrl + shift + tab switch tabs in opposite direction
ctrl + t open new tab
ctrl + n open new window
ctrl + w close tab inside windows (for IE, Firefox, MS excel…)
ctrl + shift + t open last closed tab
F2 rename file/folder

Playing around with the keyboard shortcut speeds up work a lot. It can also help to secure piracy. Whenever you are working on your browser, a simple “ctrl + tab” or “ctrl + shift + tab” would change your tab so that whoever passes by you will not see what you are working on.